The world’s most sociable city

Gothenburgers are a social bunch. In fact, we were named the world's most sociable city, in a major study.

The study, commissioned by Hostel World, looked into the social behaviour and attitudes of residents in 39 major cities in 28 countries. The cities were graded in 10 categories, including how residents socialise as well as their general openness to others.

Gothenburg topped the list ahead of Stockholm, Chicago and Boston - not to mention New York, Berlin and London.

Gothenburg also has many other things going for it. To name a few, the region is:



Gothenburg is an innovation leader within Europe (Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2016, EU Commission). A quarter of the country’s private R&D investments are made in the Gothenburg region. This has made the region a world leader in areas such as autonomous, connected and electrically-powered vehicles.



Gothenburg is ranked the 5th best city in the world for growing, attracting and retaining talent (Global Cities Talent Competitiveness Index 2017, INSEAD and Adecco).



Gothenburg is also ranked 5th out of 268 regions in terms of competitiveness, with areas of strength including employment, higher education and R&D (Europe 2020 Regional Index, EU Commission).



The region is expanding rapidly and investment volumes over the next 20 years will exceed EUR 100 billion. By 2030, the labour market region will encompass 1.75 million residents, compared with the current 1.16 million residents. Gothenburg is ranked 10th out of 117 regions for growth potential (Performance Index 2014, BAK Basel).



Gothenburg has excellent IT and logistics infrastructure, and among European cities is ranked 9th of 468 for connectivity (fDi).