Urban Development – Bohusgatan, Läppstiftet and Drivhuset


Our vision is to create future-proof cities, with buildings where both individuals and companies can thrive. We always have a long-term development plan for each property and are committed to initiatives that will improve the area and benefit the people who live and work there. We strive to create living urban environments, which means more buildings that open out to the street and making the spaces between buildings attractive too. The side streets must not be forgotten either. They are injected with energy and pulse by developing the services and offering there, along with creating peaceful oases.


A good example of this is Bohusgatan in Gothenburg. By opening things up at street level, and upgrading the entrances to Heden 22:19, new restaurants and services can become established that will inject life and add vibrancy. The entire building is getting a major facelift, aimed at benefiting everyone who passes through the area. The intention is to transform this city block, previously void of colour and spirit, into a welcoming, natural meeting venue. The property will also offer ultra-modern facilities for all needs, ranging from small start-ups to large enterprises. Bohusgatan will be LEED-certified.

Two other examples of this are Drivhuset and Lilla Bommen (Läppstiftet), where we want to open up the closed facades and create new entrances, along with space for services at street level.  We densify the office spaces so that they can accommodate more people. To achieve that, we will construct new paths across the courtyard, improve the installations and enable more flexibility. The adjoining areas between the buildings will get some loving attention too, in the form of more attractive venues and meeting spaces. Because of the improvements that were made at Lilla Bommen, now with an expansive view of the Göta Älv river, the project has been nominated for the prestigious “2018 Building of the Year” award.