Skanska - Lindholmshamnen



Centrally located on the north riverbank of Gothenburg, Dockan will give new life to the lands of former dockyards. It has a strong sustainable focus on green innovations and climate proofing.

Three houses, the tallest one 16 stories high, will form a block of 133 apartments and a preschool around a green courtyard. The area is expansive and popular thanks to Lindholmen Science Park, a high-tech hub attracting companies and world-class research.

Skanska - Lindholmshamnen

Skanska, together with the city and other contractors in the area, has set up high standards and innovative solutions. Skanska is remediating the polluted soil, preparing the ground for buildings with many environmental features. For example, solar panels on the roofs will provide renewable energy and the shingle facade is made from recycled, energy-saving aluminium.

Great effort is put into climate proofing the area. Greenery, sedum roofs and innovative flowerbeds called “rain gardens” will absorb stormwater, purify it and prevent flooding. The foundations of the houses will be waterproof.

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