Gamlestads Torg

Platzer Fastigheter

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Credit: Arkitektbyrån Design

Gamlestaden is facing a massive development in the coming years. The city district will grow, densify and connect more closely to central Gothenburg. New offices, homes, hotels, services and trade will grow and together create a modern mixed city with vibrant life. Gamlestads torg is the first piece in the puzzle. 

Completed in august 2018, it contains 17 000 square meters of workplaces, culture and service. And with the regional public travel center on the ground floor, Gamlestads torg will be an important hub for the Gamlestaden of the future. In only a few years' time, 40,000 travelers will pass through Gamlestads torg each day.


Gamlestaden is one of Gothenburg's most interesting neighbourhoods. In the next 10 years there will be major changes in the neighbourhood and Platzer owns three of the larger buildings and projects. The neighbourhood will grow and increase in density. More offices and larger commercial and residential areas will be created.


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Illustrations: Arkitektbyrån Design