Landvetter Södra

Landvetter Södra

Härryda Municipality

Landvetter Södra - a new sustainable city in the forest

Härryda Municipality is facing a unique and exciting project – to build a whole new sustainable society from scratch.  With the keywords innovative, modern, international and human, a city of the future will be developed.  

The plans include 10,500 dwellings with space for 25,000 inhabitants.

Landvetter Södra will be built in close connection with Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport and Airport City. It is situated between Gothenburg and Borås, the two largest towns in the west of Sweden, which in the next 15 years will have a labour market region encompassing 1.75 millions inhabitants.

Landvetter Södra

Through the planned society a new railway line, Götalandsbanan, will be stretched. The new railway connection will go between Sweden's two largest cities Gothenburg and Stockholm. From Landvetter Södra it will take about 20 minutes to Gothenburg and 10 minutes to Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport.

At present Landvetter Airport City is expanding. When this is completed there will be 14,000 job opportunities. There will be shops and other commercial offerings, logistics, business and office facilities hotel and conference centre. Landvetter Södra and Airport City are geographically close and it should be easily accessible.

As the new society is being built from scratch, there are unique opportunities to use the latest technology and build for 'tomorrow’s values' and ideals. We shall plan for a society which is sustainable, also in a long-term perspective.

We will build a nature-oriented, environmentally conscious city from the ground up, fully enabled with new green technologies.

This will be a beautiful and eco-friendly city from where it is easy to travel but even sweeter to return home.

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