Nya Hovås

Nya Hovås, HSB brf Esplanaden


The key to success is openness and dialogue! Thanks to a successful dialogue, with stakeholders involved early, development of the new district Nya Hovås could start just four years after the process begun.

The thorough dialogue with stakeholders has been, and still is, one of the most important factors in Nya Hovås. We invited neighbors, politicians, business owners, architects, city planners and other stakeholders that were interesting in having their say and contribute.

Nya Hovås
Nya Hovås

The response in the dialogue process has been fantastic and we have received thousands of ideas, wishes and views on how Nya Hovås can fulfill its potential. If everyone feels like they contribute, the entire process also flows more smoothly from start to finish. A result of the dialogue process is our “Book of quality”, describing the idea behind Nya Hovås. Visit www.nyahovas.se for a detailed view on how the project has been shaped from the early dialogue in 2010 to the first received building permit in 2014.

HSB was the first company to start building in the new district and its first customer moved in during the summer of 2017. Today HSB are selling the next community in the district, HSB brf Esplanaden, consisting of two houses and 97 high quality apartments designed by Wingårdhs architects. But the journey does not end there, there is a grand vision for the area and it will continue to grow, becoming a lively district where you can live, work and have all other possible necessities nearby. 

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