Andreas Göthberg

Digitalisation a ‘hot topic’ at Mipim 2019

We spoke with Andreas Göthberg, head of foreign direct investment at Business Region Göteborg, who is one of the people manning the Gothenburg stand at Mipim, the international property show in Cannes.

How did the first day go at Mipim? 

“Really well. Early on Tuesday, Gothenburg’s stand was already full of visitors. By the afternoon when large parts of the Swedish delegation arrived, the stand was completely full. We have had a seminar in the stand and in the evening we also had a workshop for participants in Gothenburg’s delegation.”  


What’s being talked about at this year’s Mipim?

“Digitalisation is a hot topic, just like in other sectors and business areas. In the Gothenburg stand, we ourselves have talks on the topic on Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s an exciting transformation that presents actors in urban development with big opportunities and challenges.”

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How are the interest levels in Gothenburg?

“We’ve definitely experienced a lot of interest and it’s evident that we’ve reached out with our message that EUR 100 billion will be invested in developing the region. During the next few days, we have many meetings booked in.”


The Gothenburg stand is located at P-1.J24