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Gothenburg takes 60 projects to MIPIM

A partnership from Gothenburg, Sweden, involving 28 companies, will showcase the region’s opportunities for investors and other actors in urban development.

An estimated EUR 100 million will be invested in property developments and infrastructure in Gothenburg in the years 2016-2035.

“Large investments are being realised in Gothenburg and this is visible in the 60-odd projects that partner companies are presenting at MIPIM,” says Andreas Göthberg, Project Manager for Gothenburg at Mipim and Head of Foreign Direct Investment at Business Region Göteborg. 

Located at P-1.J24, the Gothenburg stand at Mipim will also showcase RiverCity, the largest development project in Scandinavia, where former shipyard areas in the heart of the city are being transformed into modern, sustainable urban environments. The project will see the development of 5 million sqm of residential and commercial space.  

“It’s now that it’s happening in Gothenburg, one of Sweden’s most attractive regions. We are in the middle of a historic period of intense development and by 2035 we will build 105,000 new homes and create 120,000 new jobs. This opens up many opportunities for a variety of actors,” says Andreas Göthberg.

MIPIM is one of the world’s leading property shows held each year in Cannes, France. This year it takes place 12-15 March. 

Gothenburg at MIPIM is a partnership involving private and public actors working with urban development in the Gothenburg region, Sweden.

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