Gamlestadens Fabriker

Gamlestadens Fabriker

Platzer Fastigheter

Gamlestaden is facing a massive development in the coming years. The city district will grow, densify and connect more closely to central Gothenburg. New offices, homes, hotels, services and trade will grow and together create a modern mixed city with vibrant life.

Within a ten-year period, Platzer will create 68,000 sq.m. new office area, restaurants and service in the old factory area Gamlestadens Fabriker. This is where SKF and Volvo started their journey a century ago. Now, a growing arena for creative minds, where unique meetings arise between industrial history and the future. Between established and entrepreneurship, between city and suburb.

Gam fab

Planned project start: 2020
Proposed occupancy: 2023-2030
Area, BTA: 68 000 sq.m.
Number of new buildings: 9

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