Mölndala Fastighets AB

From paper mill to modern quarter. Forsåker is the name of a new quarter that is emerging from an old industrial area in Mölndal.

The area, that corresponds in size with 34 football pitches, will house almost 3,000 apartments and about 3,000 workplaces, while also providing space for commercial services, culture and education. Forsåker will be an invigorating power source that contributes growth and inspiration to the entire region.  

The development and planning is being led by Mölndala Fastighets AB, a company owned by City of Mölndal. In partnership with a consortium that includes Aspelin Ramm, Wallenstam, Trollängen, ByggVesta, Peab and Veidekke, the company aims to create a modern quarter with links to the city centre that contributes to the dynamic development of central Mölndal.