Regioncity - Scandinavian by nature

Regioncity - Scandinavian by nature


Welcome to RegionCity – the new Scandinavian meeting place for people, ideas, business and public transport. A brand new neighborhood in the very heart of Gothenburg, Swedens second and Scandinavias fourth largest city.

With swift connections to all its three capitals, Gothenburg is the true heart of Scandinavia. For many centuries the mouth of the Göta River has been a natural meeting place for kings, vikings and regular folks. The geographical bingo of the draw also laid the foundation for the city’s growth.

This historical fact gave birth to the idea of RegionCity as the dynamic focus point for the entire region. A place to meet, work, play and travel. The Central Station is the hub of the region and signifies Gothenburg’s bold investment in growth. This is where new and old parts of the city converge with the surrounding Region Västra Götaland. It is also the obvious centre for all public transport.

Working shoulder to shoulder with the City of Gothenburg, we are now moving from vision and concept to realisation. The planning phase is making great strides forward. During the last two years we have introduced the concepts for both the 22 story high Jubilee Tower and the 19 story high River Tower.

The first towers as seen from the heart of RegionCity


RegionCity will be an attractive travel hub with new retail and station facilities


Densification is the key when more people want to live and work in large cities and regions, without expanding the cities and increasing car traffic. Finding the right balance requires considering both sustainability and jobs. We tested several different paths before deciding to aim for the sky. By introducing a tall cityscape on a concentrated surface, we can be instrumental in pushing the number of potential new jobs to 30,000.

Combining new station functions, offices and other workplaces with the convenience of smooth commuter travel, both towers are planned for occupancy in 2021 and 2023 respectively. Both offer an environment that stimulates job satisfaction and growth regardless of company size and business activities.

As we speak, Gothenburg's city planners are going full-throttle while we at RegionCity are busy preparing our 2018 initiative, which will be unveiled on June 4th.

All these hours you spend at work – wouldn’t it be nice if your workplace were as inspiring, creative and modern as possible? Within shortly we will start building world-class meeting places and workplaces within a few steps from the train platforms. Choose between our offerings: high up in the towers with miles of city views, or closer to the bustling street and station in open, dynamic workplaces suitable for meeting-intensive businesses. At this early stage, there are great openings for prospective tenants influence the design of the newly built offices.

RegionCity effectively links the city with the public transport system


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Jernhusen owns, develops and manages a property portfolio of railway stations, station areas, maintenance depots and freight terminals along the Swedish railroad network. Jernhusen is owned by the Swedish state and have about 200 employees. Our head office is located in Stockholm. The property portfolio amounts to 179 properties, with a total market value of SEK 14.4 billion.

RegionCity® is a registered trademark by Jernhusen.


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