Gothenburg – a one million region


In March 2017 it happened. The number of people living in the Gothenburg region surpassed one million.

“The population has increased by 150,000 people since the year 2000. We are fast-growing and are actually one of the leading regions in Europe in terms of growth,” says Henrik Einarsson, head of department establishment and investment at Business Region Göteborg.

Major investments are being made in infrastructure and urban development and this is leading to more commuting and a population influx. By 2030 Gothenburg's labour market region is expected to grow from today’s 1.16 million people to 1.75 million people.

Labour market region - Gothenburg

In Gothenburg, there are construction plans through until 2035 worth a total of €100 billion.

“Gothenburg is experiencing a construction boom. The opportunities for new investors and actors within construction and urban development are tremendous,” says Andreas Göthberg, head of FDI at Business Region Göteborg.

To learn more about what is happening in Gothenburg and to meet with representatives from the region, visit our stand at Expo Real, located at B1.220.