3D modell över byggplaner i Göteborg

Facts about the region


* Since the year 2000, Gothenburg has grown by 170,000 residents, 117,000 more jobs were created and gross regional product has increased by 60%.

* €100 billion are estimated to be invested in Gothenburg until 2035 and the property market is enjoying record turnover, with an investment index scaling the highest international levels.

* In Gothenburg, 5 million square metres will be developed in the central area of River City by 2035. Central Gothenburg will double in size with 25 000 new homes and 45 000 new workplaces in the largest urban development program in Scandinavia.

* By 2030, the labour market region will encompass 1.75 million residents, compared with the current 1.17 million residents.

* 25% of Sweden’s R&D investments are made in the Gothenburg region.

* The region’s two main universities collectively have around 50 000 students.

* 93% of Sweden’s industry is present here.

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