Atrium Ljungberg - Lindholmen

Atrium Ljungberg - Lindholmen

Atrium Ljungberg is one of Sweden’s biggest listed property companies. We are located where Sweden is growing: Stockholm, Uppsala, Malmö and Gothenburg. Our focus is to develop attractive urban environments for offices and retail, supplemented with residentials, culture, service and education. We create city districts where people want to be, today and tomorrow.

In 2015 Atrium Ljungberg established itself in Gothenburg by buying three properties in Lindholmen. This is historic land, the site where Alexander Keiller started his mechanical workshop in the 19th century and where Götaverken built ships in the 20th century. Lindholmen is now an important part of Älvstaden, known for skills and innovation. This is where companies, development and academia meet, and where the eco-friendly mobility solutions of the future are being produced.


Gothenburg is a very interesting market where Lindholmen is one of the most exciting areas currently undergoing significant development. We strongly believe in the area and want to participate in the development and create sustainable urban environments which support the city’s future visions. Our plan is to continue to develop the properties in Lindholmen with a various mix of more office spaces and also add cultural and educational premises. We know from experience that the kind of urban mix that we want to create in Lindholmen is an important success factor in taking the cluster to the next level.

Atrium Ljungberg

About Atrium Ljungberg

The total letting area is approximately one million square metres, distributed among around fifty properties and valued at SEK 41 billion. Our retail hubs draw 60 million visitors on an annual basis and our areas include more than 30,000 workers and students as well as 1,000 residents. Our project portfolio will enable us to invest the equivalent of approximately SEK 13 billion in the future. Atrium Ljungberg is listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Large Cap list.